Give your Patrol GQ a real brake bite for more enjoyable driving!

Easier to lock all 4 wheels during steep off-road
tactical tracking for 4WD vehicles.

Product Code:

Patrol Y60 GQ (Disc/Disc) 1988-1997
Applicable models: Suits GQ with these engines: 2.8TD RD28T, 3.0L RB30S I6, 4.2L TB42S/TB42E I6, 4.2TD TD42 Diesel: (non-ABS) with rear discs vehicle with 3 Inch suspension lift.

Compatible calipers: Standard GQ front & rear calipers.
Compatible fluids: DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5 (Silicone), DOT 5.1 (Glycol Ether/Borate Ester).

Includes in the packaging are:

Front left axle = 1 hose
Front right axle = 1 hose
Front Chassis to axle = 1 hose (80mm longer)
Rear left axle = 1 hose
Rear right axle = 1 hose
Rear Chassis to Axle = 1 hose  (100mm longer)
(Do advice if you need adjustment on front lines length shorter than above)

Total: 6 hoses kit

+ following documents:
- Warranty Card
- Suggestion for Safety
- Limited Warranty (Terms & Condition)
- Installation Suggestion

Installation Note:
This SAFEBRAKE brake hoses kit fit like standard part, without modification required.

5 Years Warranty

Our Quality Commitment: When you purchase SAFEBRAKE® brake hoses, you get peace of mind knowing that you are entitled to five years warranty. Even though we are confident that our product will last the lifetime of your car, we offer an active 5 years warranty so we able to monitor your satisfaction in using our product. The warranty will give you full replacement of the product should there are defects due to manufacturing. (Please refer to our Warranty Terms & Conditions)

This is our commitment to ensure the reliability of our products and quality acknowledgement. Thank you for your kind support.


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PATROL Y60 GQ (Disc/Disc) with 3 INCH LIFT 88-97- SAFEBRAKE Performance Hoses

PATROL Y60 GQ (Disc/Disc) with 3 INCH LIFT 88-97- SAFEBRAKE Performance Hoses

This SAFEBRAKE performance brake hoses kit suits 'PATROL Y60 GQ rear Discs brakes, with 3 Inch suspension lift, year model from 1988 to 1997'. This kit improves your car brake performance noticeably through the elimination of line expansion caused by the standard rubber brake hoses. Your car will be a joy to drive after the installation of SAFEBRAKE brake hoses kit.

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