The weakest component in your car brakes system is the high expansion rubber brake hoses. Your car standard brake hoses is made of rubber braided with polyester thread. The characteristic of rubber hoses is that it has high expansion rates when under pressure. As the the rest of your car brake system composed of solid metal components, the only component that unable to hold the hydraulic pressure effectively is the flexible and expandable rubber brake hoses. When expansion occur the brake system hydraulic pressure would dissipates into the expansion volume of the rubber hoses, especially during heavy pedal pressure.

Typical car has 4 to 8 flexible hoses in their brake system. The more number of rubber brake hoses you have in your car, the higher expansion rate you can have in your brake system. The consequence of this is your brake calipers is not getting sufficient hydraulic pressure to effectively clamp the brake pads and brake discs (rotor), especially the calipers at the front axles. This resulted in mediocre brakes performance with insufficient bite.

What our kit does is to replace all your car standard (low-tech) rubber brake hoses with SAFEBRAKE's (high-tech) performance braided brake hoses. SAFEBRAKE braided hoses is made of 100% pure Teflone inner lining with heavy wall construction with braided stainless steel wires form the structural strenght of our hose with multi-ply braid. These designs are what make SAFEBRAKE brake hoses perform better than others by eliminating most of the line expansion created by the rubber hoses.

This replacement or upgrade eliminates the weakest link in your already superb brake system resulting in firmer pedal and responsive brakes even with light foot on the pedal. Now you can feel that whatever pressure created when you depress the brake pedal transferred to power the calipers at all axle with almost 100% efficiency.

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