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Our company

We are an Australian company based in Melbourne, Victoria, well known for the development of high performance brake hoses/lines kit for automotive. As one of leading performance brake hoses producer we had successfully converted high performance racing car brake hoses/lines for road vehicles use.

SAFEBRAKE is our brand for well proven product with top customer satisfaction based on the following criteria;

  • Top quality products
  • Excellent reliability
  • Wide range of car application
  • Ability to cater to custom-made requirement
  • Excellent customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Top rated Ebay seller with 100% positive customer's feedback

Our creation


High precision product for ultimate performance

With high expectation of long-term reliability, factory quality fitment and ultimate performance we only use top quality materials from world's leading producer.


Some of our customer testimonials about our product;

Owner-Prado 120 series- Ebay Australia buyer
Hi, the brakes on my Toyota Prado have been mediocre at best since I bought it new. I tried installing a new master cylinder and new rotors and tried every type of brake pads on the market to no avail. I installed a set of your extended brake hoses when I replaced my springs and shocks. WOW!! What a difference it made. The pedal is now firm without the spongey Prado feel and the brakes actually pull you up without feeling that you are not going to stop. What a fantastic product! Thank you very much. I have been recommending your brake hoses to every one I know with a Prado. Many thanks again.

Owner-Subaru Legacy BL,BP-TradeMe New Zealand buyer
Excellent product and service. Fitted to my Legacy as good as OEM but a far superior product. I fitted new rotors and pads at the same time so can't comment on the brake lines themselves, but the whole package has improved braking performance massively - I would say by 20-30%. Communication and delivery from Safebrake was excellence. Highly recommended.

See more on what customers have said about us in Testimonials page.

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