Key Advantages of SAFEBRAKE
Sunday, Dec 04, 2016
Key Advantages of SAFEBRAKE

SAFEBRAKE performance (braided) brake hoses inner lining is manufactured from TPFE or Teflone powder with 100% purity. No pigment or additives are incorporated that could weaken the performance of the hose. What made SAFEBRAKE perform better than the other brand of braided brake hoses is due to its heavy wall design and construction. Due to the availability of proprietary technology to extrude SAFEBRAKE's hoses, our product has consistent wall thickness that results in highest performance and reliability. These are SAFEBRAKE's strong features being the solution to eliminate the line expansion problem in your car brake system which resulted in effective and stronger brake bite.

The wire braiding that form the stuctural strength of our hose is produced from AISI 304/515 or BS970-1 1996 quality hard drawn tensile stainless steel wire. The super strong multi-ply braid design has accorded SAFEBRAKE's hose to perform with maximum working pressure of 3,000 psi or 207 bar, minimum burst pressure of 12,000 psi or 827 bar and minimum bend radius of only 38mm. This tight minimum radius has made SAFEBRAKE as the top performance brake hoses which perform as good as solid line with flexibility that come close to that of rubber hoses.

Further Key Advantages;

  • Unrivalled flex-life (Over 18 million normal cycle) for exceptional durability,
  • Minimal volumetric expansion (hose swelling/expansion) for powerful braking and amazing 'feel'.
  • Negligible water ingress, meaning brake fluid is not contaminated and performance is not compromised,
  • Long service life while maintaining the same level of braking performance,
  • Safer motoring the result of improved braking performance over standard rubber brake hoses,
  • Unrivalled braking performance for track or road use, regardless of the size of brake rotors and calipers,
  • Protection against the elements with tough PVC outer layer,
  • Additional complimentary protection with tough Nylon coils around the full length of the hose in 4x4 vehicle application.

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