Sunday, Dec 04, 2016

To feel good and satisfied in spending your hard earned money on product that convinced you to buy, you must feel benefited from the purchase somehow. Naturally you would be dissappointed later on spending on something that was not of a good value, if you cannot realised the benefits.

SAFEBRAKE is one of those rare car improvement or upgrade product that makes car owners smiling with satisfaction after experiencing the performance that it provides. See the feedback customers had given on the experience they had dealing with us and using our product.  Testimonials

By checking out thousands of positive feedback from our valued customers, it would make it easier for you to decide if SAFEBRAKE product truly would benefits you. This is in how effective it is in improving how your car drives and the extra joy you might have driving it.

SAFEBRAKE is a performance braided brake hoses kit that replaces all your standard old-tech rubber brake hoses with aerospace quality Teflone lining hoses that gives extra technological advantages in improving the brake system of your car. With a small investment you able to experience a different level of quality in brake performance that only available to top racing cars until now.

You don't need to purchase and install expensive larger brake calipers, discs, larger master cylinder and expensive performance pads. You only need to keep the rest of the brake system factory standard to experience SAFEBRAKE added performance. Unless of course you are preparing your car to be high performance road and track car.

By eliminating most of the volume expansion caused by standard rubber brake hoses in your brake system, SAFEBRAKE works brilliantly in transferring high pressure hydraulic brake fluid without unnecessary pressure loss from the master cylinder to the calipers. In opposite to the ineffective brake system pressure when rubber hoses in use, with SAFEBRAKE the calipers are having ultimate pressure fed into it empowering the calipers to produce massive clamping power on the pads and discs brake. This resulted in stronger brake bite that you need to slow down your car effectively.

By eliminating your brake system weakest link (rubber brake hoses) with the installation of SAFEBRAKE kit, you'll gain strongest brake bite even with light foot on the pedal. Now you able to slow-down to stop quicker and in shorter distance should the circumstances required. This great feature is useful to have when driving fast in the track, added safety for daily drive car, towing a caravan or trailer and a must have item for your 4X4 vehicles to explore beautiful but harsh Australian landscape.

By transforming your car brakes into better than new performance you'll have everlasting enjoyment and satisfaction in driving and owning your car. No longer you'll hate your car for being old when you felt the brakes are spongy and ineffective only thinking to swap it for a newer model.

SAFEBRAKE advantage includes factory type end-fittings which fit like factory parts specific to your car model, 100% pure PTFE/Teflone inner lining, heavy walled construction, super strength AISI 304/S17 Stanless steel braided wires, ISO 16949;2009 certification to automotive OEM factory standards, SAE J1401, ADR 42/04, DOT and other identical standards applicable for hydraulic brake hoses.

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